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In partnership with private lending and joint venture clients, Kingdom Investments
maximizes positive social impact and rate of return on capital by investing in what really
matters: community.

“A Taste Of What We Do”


Kingdom Realty is now taking on New Private Lenders!

When you invest with Kingdom Investments, your funds will be with an award winning, lucrative and high capital gain company.
At Kingdom Investments, we ensure that you receive the best deals and acquire the highest rate of return on your capital.

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This is an amazing time to become a  joint venturer with Kingdom Realty!

When joining Kingdom Realty as a joint venturer, you immediately go in as a partner and share a profit of 50/50% of the finished project. Kingdom Realty guarantees a completed project (depending on the size of the unit) within two to four months. How do we do this? Kingdom Realty sells quickly with the help of her agent that has 20 years of expertise. In the time that Kingdom Realty has been in business, it has been able to close with no hassle for the Investor and meets the deadline accordingly.

Other ways of completing projects:

o   Sell

o   Rent it out

o   Hold it for a year. Wait for prices to go up

At the end of the day, Kingdom Realty wants to create a win win situation for both the joint venturer and for the company.

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